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Helping Pastoral Leaders & Congregations Build Balance Ministries In Today’s Culture, Community and Capitalistic Society©

TW's Ministry assist Churches, Congregations, Clergy and Chaplains in the following:


Position One: Transforming guests into members; Position Two: than members to active members; Position Three: than active members to wittness'ers; Position Four: than wittness'ers to leaders using the triangle ministry approach:

Transforming Guests into New Members

Transforming Members into sincere ministry volunteers

Transforming Volunteers into an active role of ministry as leaders

Stewardship growth in my local church

Understanding the 'Power' of Prayer Service

Equip to invite people to your local church

How to Pray for Pastor and Church

Spiritual Gifts


Structure and center your ministries around five biblical principles:

Celebrate (Worship), Mark 12:20 - NIV

Congregational Care (Fellowship), Romans 12:5 - NIV

Christ Attributes (Discipleship), Philippians 2:5 - NIV

Christian Ability (Equipping), 1st Peter 4:10 - NIV

Develop and expand your sub ministries to support the five biblical principles:

Pastoral Care

Children Ministry

Youth Ministry

Young Adult Ministry

Deacon Ministry

Media Ministry

Finance Ministry


Transitioning a Traditional Church into a Contemporary Church with "structure":

Defining the role and responsibility of a volunteer

Defining the role and responsibility of a Staff (Paid or Un Paid) member

Defining the role and and responsibility of an associate minister

How to develop and train a Pastoral Ministry Team (PMT)

How to develop and train a Ministry Core Team (MCT)

How to develop and train a Ministry Leadership Team (MLT)

Defining the role and responsibility of a Trustee Ministry (Traditional Baptist Churches that allows trustee to handle the church finances)

How to appreciate the Church Body

Defining Salary Bands

TW's Ministry {Rev. Terry Weston} is committed to God's Church, Congregation, Community, Citizens and Constituents around the Word !

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It's TW's Ministry "Prayer" that God's Peace,  Jesus Power and the Holy Spirit Presence will "Bless" our {Citizens, Constituents, Christians, Churches, Congregations, Clergy, Chaplains and Congressional Leader} America !

God's Time, Talents and Treasures is Living Inside of our Heavenly Clock:



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